OUR ROOTS: The story behind our Ayurvedic recipes

Over a decade ago, Dr. Ketan Joshi, the founder of The Wise Herb Company, set out on a mission: to bring organic Ayurvedic recipes to the masses. He travelled back to his roots in Northern India and traversed the surrounding areas, including Nepal and Tibet, to learn more about Ayurveda – an ancient Indian system of healing dating back over 5000 years. Ayurveda means “the Science of Life” in Sanskrit and is a holistic approach to balancing our three doshas or energies: body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Joshi spent years researching the local people’s way of life and came to know them very well. They shared ancient recipes with him, that had been passed down through their families over generations, which they credited for their long life and vitality despite virtually no wealth. Each recipe was used for a different function: increased energy, relaxation, hunger-suppression, to name but a few, and used a special blend of multiple herbs and spices unique to the Indian location. Dr. Joshi was truly amazed and vowed to share what he had learned.

OUR PRODUCTS: Herb and Spice Infusions, Superfood Capsules, Superfood Blends

On his return, Dr. Joshi set up the company in 2014 with his sons, bringing 100% natural Ayurvedic functional products to everyday people. Using the knowledge he had learned from the local communities and Ayurvedic experts, they created a range of exciting healthy products:

  • Herb and Spice Infusions
  • Organic Superfood Supplements
  • Superfood Powder Blends

OUR PHILOSOPHY AND MISSION: Ayurveda, Fair Trade, Education

As mentioned above, Ayurveda aims to balance the body, mind and soul to improve one’s health and wellbeing. It believes that everything is connected and that everyone is made up of five essential elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Space
  • Air

These combine into three forces, doshas, which control our body:

  • Vata dosha (Space and Air)
  • Kapha dosha (Water and Earth)
  • Pitta (Fire and Water)

By knowing which elements a substance is made, you can predict the kinds of effects it produces. As a result, you can counteract a harmful effect with substances or activities that contain opposite attributes, thus causing balance and good health. Embedded within Ayurveda are the teachings of cause and effect, anatomy, physiology, structure and function.

Each of our blends balances the three doshas within our bodies and works with your body to promote desired functions.

Alongside Ayurveda, we adhere to strict Fair Trade principles. We work directly with small Himalayan farming families, who source our herbs and spices, to enhance their communities.

We also sponsor young girls with a percentage of our sales to ensure they get a fair chance at an education. Currently, we are proud to say we have put 30 girls through school, and we only hope to increase these numbers!

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